The Kids Combine - Vertica Jump

​Vertical Jump


  • Vertical jump measures lower-body explosion and power.

  • The Jump starts from a flat footed position.

  • World class athletes can have vertical jumps of 40”+.

​40 Yard Dash


  • The 40 Yard Dash is a sprint covering 40 yards.

  • It is primarily run to measure speed and acceleration.

  • Record holders have times in the low 4 second range.

The Kids Combine - 40 Yard Dash
The Kids Combine - Wingspan



  • Wingspan is measured from fingertip to fingertip with arms extended.

  • Also known as arm span or reach.

  • The average wingspan equals an individual’s height.

Broad Jump


  • Broad jump measures explosion and balance.

  • Each athlete must stick the landing.

  • 8’ is considered above average.

  • Current world records are 12’+.

The Kids Combine - Broad Jump
The Kids Combine - Shuttle Run

Shuttle Run


  • Shuttle Run measures lateral quickness and explosion in short distances.

  • Also known as the 5-10- 5.

  • Record times are under 4 seconds.



  • Height is measured in inches from foot to head.

  • Professional basketball players have a staggering average height of 79.2”.

  • Maximum height is typically reached between 16-17 years of age.

The Kids Combine - Height